Amtec Hydraclamp designs, manufactures and services, hydraulic clamping devices for a wide range of applications including rotary and straight shear knives; friction and milling saw blades; straightener roll clamping; stud and tie rod pretensioning; as well as, rolling mill equipment and bearings where controlled clamping force and quick change set-ups are critical.

Amtec products are designed to withstand severe operating conditions and are used worldwide by companies that are committed to improving their operational productivity, quality, safety and profitability.
  • F, K, H & GX-Type Nuts
  • Step & Block Nuts
  • Clamp Rings
  • Hand Pumps (grease)
  • Pneumatic Pumps (grease)
  • Oil Pumps (manual or electrical)
  • GX-Couplers & Nipples (for oil)
  • F-Couplers & Nipples (for grease)
  • Seals (for oil and grease)
  • Release & Vent Screws
  • Service & Repair for all product